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A Quality Plant specializes in large Specimen Palm Trees including the Canary Island Date Palm. These Palms require special care and expertise to properly remove, transport and re-plant. If you are thinking about purchasing a Canary Island Date Palm for your yard you will need to consider the space required for one of these massive palm trees. A mature Canary Island Date Palm can be over twenty five feet wide and can have a trunk with a circumference in excess of 100 inches. There are few palms that come close to awesome presence of a Canary Island Date Palm.


Specimen Palm Wimauma
Canary Island Date Palm from A Quality Plant Field


Specimen Palm
Canary Island Date Palm, Pineapple Palm, Phoenix canariensis


Specimen Palm Apollo Beach
Canary Island Date Palm, Pineapple Palm Phoenix canariensis Apollo Beach, Florida


Specimen Palm Sarasota
Canary Island Date Palm, Pineapple Palm Phoenix canariensis Sarasota, Florida

We can trim up the Pineapple on the Canary Island Date Palm or leave the ferns on the palm. Either way, the Canary Island Date Palm is impressive.


Canary Island Date Palm’s have different grades.


#2.  Most palm trees have no value as a Florida #2. Although we rarely install a #2, they do have some value. A #2 would have imperfections like constrictions in the trunk or a head that has very few green fronds. Some Canary Island Date Palm’s can have deep holes in the trunk or chainsaw gouges that are deep.


#1. A #1 Canary Island Date Palm has good color and average trunk caliper. A nice palm.


Florida Fancy. A Florida Fancy Canary Island Date Palm has everything going for it…Great color on the fronds, large caliper trunk and a very defined Pineapple once trimmed.


Specimen. A Specimen Canary Island Date Palm is extraordinary in every way.


Specimen Palm Montverde, Florida
Canary Island Date Palm’s Installed in Montverde, Florida


A Quality Plant




A Quality Plant had the priveledge of providing palm trees to Hollywood movies on two different occassions. The first group of palm trees were for the movie “Battle: Los Angeles”. The palms were very tall Washingtonia Palms with the foliage removed. The palm tree foliage was actually added later and was not real. The trunks of the palm trees were though!


Palms trees for movie set
Palms Provided by A Quality Plant for Battle Los Angeles


Palms for Movie Set
Palms Provided by A Quality Plant for Battle Los Angeles




That was pretty cool to be a part of. We are now providing palm trees and tropical plants to the upcoming movie starring..Johnny Depp!! The movie is a real life story about Whitey Bulger.


Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger

Black Mass is an upcoming crime movie by Scott Cooper starring Johnny Depp as the infamous organized crime figure Whitey Bulger. The movie is based on the best selling novel by Dick Lehr and Gerald O’Neill about Bulger’s true life story. The action/drama also stars Benedict Cumberpatch and Dakota Johnlson and is set to be released in October of 2015.


The palms are going to be donated to an indoor tropical garden after the movie shots with the palm trees and plants are complete. That is very cool too!

A Quality Plant did send Palm Trees to New York for a Broadway Play. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the play!


A Quality Plant…Coming to a theater near you!


A Quality Plant



A Quality Plant grows and sells Florida Palms at Wholesale Prices. A Quality Plant grows many of the Landscape Palms used in Central Florida Landscapes. Some of these wholesale palms are suited for all of central Florida and other palms are a little more sensitive to cold and need to be planted near the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Below are some of the most popular Landscape Palms for Central Florida:

Adonidia merrillii
Christmas Palm / Adonidia merrillii

Frost or temperatures below 32 will damage or kill this beautiful palm


Silver Bismarck Palm
Bismarck Palm / Bismarckia nobilis

Temperatures below 28 or a hard frost can damage this magnificent palm

The more silver the Bismarck the more cold hardy. Mine have taken 25 degrees with frost and had minimal damage.


pigmy date palm
Roebelenii Palm / Pygmy Date Palm / Phoenix roebelenii

Although this loved palm can take temperatures into the mid twenties, it does not like frost.


date palm, india date palm
Silver Date Palm / Sylvester Palm / Phoenix sylvestris

The Sylvester Palm can survive temperatures into the high teens and can take some frost.


self cleaning palms
Foxtail Palm / Wodyetia bifurcata

The Foxtail Palm is self cleaning and cold hardy to the upper twenties. The Foxtail Palm can take a light frost even with minor damage.

Queen Palm / Queen Anne Palm / Syagrus romanzoffiana

The Queen Palm has large spreading fronds that add shade and height to the Centrral Florida landscape.

The Queen Palm can take temperatures into the mid twenties and some frost.

There are many other palms used in the central Florida Landscape including the Canary Island Date Palm, the Washingtonia Palm, the European Fan Palm, the Medjool Palm, the Pindo Palm, the Spindle Palm, the Bottle Palm, the Reclinata Palm and many more. A Quality Plant sells all of these palms at Florida wholesale palm prices.

Make sure and check out the A Quality Plant website at:




A Quality Plant
1998 19th Avenue NE
Ruskin, Florida 33570


A Quality Plant is a wholesale and retail tree farm and nursery specializing in palm trees and tropical plants. We love rare and exotic palms and plants and carry many of them in our inventory.

In July we installed Several Livistona saribus and a few Licuala spinosa’s.

Below is a picture of one of the Licuala’s we installed:


This is a picture of the thorns of the Saribus and a picture of the whole palm:


We also installed three Screw Pines or Pandanus utilis over the past couple months. Check out the picture below:

Screw Pine

Screw Pine or Pandanus utilis




A Quality Plant and Tampa Bay Landscaper

Multi Stem Hybrid Reclinata Palm installed in Dunedin, Florida

A Quality Plant





Planting depth for Palm Trees

How deep should you plant your new palm tree? We are frequently asked this question and there is a simple answer. Palms should never be planted deeper than the surface of the dirt in the container they come from. Over planting a palm tree (planting the palm too deep) will suffocate the roots that are responsible for gathering nutrients from the soil. It is our practice at AQualityPlant.com to plant palm trees 1-3″ higher than grade.
Palms like the Bismarck Palm can lose their hold on the soil and become loose and floppy. The Bismarck Palm may require staking.
Palms that have a great percentage of their weight in the fronds and that have long fronds will often require staking no matter how large the rootball is. A good example of this is the Queen Palm. The trunk of the Queen Palm is even throughout the height of the trunk and heavy.  a Queen Palm is sensitive to over-planting and should never be planted deeper than the level of the soil of the existing root ball.Rob Pittman

This has been the year of the Sylvester Palm for sure. With the price falling, customers can’t help but order twice what they thought they could afford.

The Silver Date Palm (Phoenix sylvestris) or Silver Date Palm is a Cold Hardy Palm taking temperatures down into the high teens.
The Sylvester Palm has blue/green fronds that are bushy and stretch 7′ in all directions. The trunk of the Silver Date Palm is not as wide as it’s cousin, the Canary Island Date Palm, but is still stately. The trunk is typically orange in color and when the Sylvester Palm is trimmed up tight, the palm is very showy.
Other Cold Hardy Palms we carry include: Canary Island Date Palm, Medjool or True Date Palm, Washingtonia Palm, Sabal Palm, European Fan Palm, Queen Palm, Windmill Palm, Pindo Palm and many more.
A Quality Plant

A Quality Plant installed Cold Hardy Palms in the Orlando area this past week. Ten Queen Palms and 3 Sylvester Palms were installed at a magnificent home in the Lake Buena Vista area. The Queen Palms were staked to prevent them from being blown over. The Queen Palms will remain Staked until after Hurricane season. The Sylvester Palms did not require staking. The customer was so pleased with the cold hardy palms that he allowed us to provide and install all the smaller plant material including:

Bouganvilla standard tree form
Indian Hawthorne Tree (American Beauty)
Bottle Brush Trees
and an assortment of 3 gallon plants and tropical foliage
A Quality Plant

A Quality Plant delivered and installed two Pindo Palms yesterday. Both Pindo Palms received a specialty cut and had 4-5′ of trunk. The customer wanted the Pindo Palms for the fruit that they produce. The Pindo Palm is also called the Jelly Palm. The seeds can be eaten when ripe or used to make Jelly. Ripe seeds on the Pindo Palm are red/orange in color and about the size of a quarter. Pindo Palms are Cold Hardy Palms taking temperatures as low as 10 degrees with little or no damage. The Pindo Palm is slow growing, has feathery blueish green fronds that are recurvate.

We installed a Sylvester Palm / Phoenix sylvestris at the same location. The fruit of the Sylvester Palm can be eaten too. The fruit is not as large as that of the Phoenix dactylifera but can be tasty especially after a dry spring.
Another Palm that makes edible fruit is, of course, the Coconut Palm!
Rob Pittman
A Quality Plant

The Phoenix canariensis, more commonly known as the Canary Island Date Palm or Pineapple Palm, makes a bold statement with it’s 25′ span and thick trunk. The fronds of the Canary Island Date Palm are up to 12′ long and dark green. The leaflets grow in a flat plane creating a feathery look to the frond.

The Canary Island Date Palm looks great by itself and looks spectacular in groups of three or more.
A Quality Plant is both a locator and grower of the Canary Island Date Palm. We offer delivery and installation too.
Other cold Hardy Palms we grow include the Pindo Palm, the Sylvester Palm, the Washingtonia Palm, the Queen Palm, the European Fan Palm and many more!
A Quality Plant