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A Quality Plant installed Cold Hardy Palms in the Orlando area this past week. Ten Queen Palms and 3 Sylvester Palms were installed at a magnificent home in the Lake Buena Vista area. The Queen Palms were staked to prevent them from being blown over. The Queen Palms will remain Staked until after Hurricane season. The Sylvester Palms did not require staking. The customer was so pleased with the cold hardy palms that he allowed us to provide and install all the smaller plant material including:

Bouganvilla standard tree form
Indian Hawthorne Tree (American Beauty)
Bottle Brush Trees
and an assortment of 3 gallon plants and tropical foliage
A Quality Plant

Comments on: "A Quality Plant – Florida Wholesale Palms – Queen Palms" (1)

  1. Michael Stillwell said:

    Love our new Sylvester Palm. Quality install of a quality specimen by a high quality and professional business. Rob Pittman is a wealth of knowledge and very helpful and courteous . Anyone looking for Quality palms should hire this company. My wife and I just love our palm.

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