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This has been the year of the Sylvester Palm for sure. With the price falling, customers can’t help but order twice what they thought they could afford.

The Silver Date Palm (Phoenix sylvestris) or Silver Date Palm is a Cold Hardy Palm taking temperatures down into the high teens.
The Sylvester Palm has blue/green fronds that are bushy and stretch 7′ in all directions. The trunk of the Silver Date Palm is not as wide as it’s cousin, the Canary Island Date Palm, but is still stately. The trunk is typically orange in color and when the Sylvester Palm is trimmed up tight, the palm is very showy.
Other Cold Hardy Palms we carry include: Canary Island Date Palm, Medjool or True Date Palm, Washingtonia Palm, Sabal Palm, European Fan Palm, Queen Palm, Windmill Palm, Pindo Palm and many more.
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