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A Quality plant grows the Bismarck Palm for wholesale palm sales and for retail palm sales. We install the Bismarck palm for customers too. The Bismarck Palm is unique with it’s silvery blue coloration on the fronds. The Bismarck Palm is large in stature and can grow to be over 20′ wide. The trunk of the Bismarck Palm is thick and will lose the old leaf boots once the palm has approximately 4-6′ of trunk.

The Bismarck Palm is cold tolerant down to the low twenties and cold hardiness goes hand in hand with the coloration. The more silver the Bismarck Palm, the more cold hardy. The Bismarck Palm has no known diseases and is surprisingly wind tolerant once established.
Here are a couple we installed this week in a homeowners yard. The truly are a magnificent palm!
A Quality Plant

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