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Bismarck Palm – Bismarckia nobilis

A Quality Plant gets requests for this exceptional palm as much as any other palm we carry. It seems that people either love them or hate them. I think the Bismarck Palm is an exceptional palm and have planted eight in my own yard.

The Bismarck Palm comes from the highland savannas of it’e native home of Madagascar.

The Bismarck palm’s fronds are silver in color and rather large. At maturity, the Bismarck Palm can be over twenty feet wide.

The Bismarck Palm is drought tolerant, salt tolerant, disease resistant, and surprisingly wind tolerant. They can be over-trimmed and under fertilized and still look amazing. The more silver the Bismarck Palm, the more cold hardy the palm and the better the palm handles frost. There is a variety that is green and should probably be avoided unless you are a completist.
Bismarck Palms start out slow and then are medium growers once established. The Bismarck Palm is fun to watch grow and I think it is a must in every palm garden.
A Quality Plant

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