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Two of the most majestic palms are the True Date Palm / Medjool Date Palm / Phoenix dactylifera and the Canary Island Date Palm / Phoenix canariensis. They can be planted in groups or as a stand alone specimen. In either case, they are magnificent.

Phoenix dactylifera

variety Medjool is widely used as an ornamental. Taller, thinner, and with spikier, bluish leaves than its popular cousin from the Canary Islands, the Medjool Date Palm is a handsome tree. The Medjool Date Palm’s adaptability to a wide range of climates, excellent resistance to drought, salt spray, brackish water, and various pests, and its general robustness make it the palm of choice for dry climates, temperate as well as tropical. Phoenix dactylifera tolerates salt water intrusion and cold better than all the other Date Palms.

Phoenix canariensis, Pineapple Palm, or the Canary Island Date Palm is one of the most popular landscape palms. The stout form of the Canary Island Date Palm is a familiar sight in most warm temperate and subtropical countries of the world. The Canary Island Date Palm with it’s stately appaearance spans nearly thirty feet on mature specimens.

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