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There are many decisions to be made once you decide to remove a palm or palm trees from your yard. A Quality Plant is asked to remove Palms frequently.

The reasons for removing a palm tree include:

The Palm Tree is dead
The Palm Tree was planted in an inappropriate spot (coconut palm over where you park your car, too close to the house, etc)
The Palm Tree has grown too tall and is out or proportion to the house or too costly to maintain
You don’t like Palm Trees or don’t like the type of palm tree you have
Removing the palm tree from your yard can be difficult and costly. There can be many unseen obstacles under the ground including utilities, pieces of concrete, septic systems, irrigation pipes and controller cables. There can be many obstacles above the ground like power lines, trees, fences, paver walkways and driveways.
A Quality Plant removed four Foxtail Palms from around an infinity pool in Apollo Beach, Florida that had outgrown the 4′ planters they were in. The palms had begun to crack the cap around the pool. I had nightmares about this job. After digging the palms with a gas powered shovel and exerting 5500 lbs of force, the palms came out. We replanted the palms on the side of the house and the Foxtail Palms  became the focal points of a new outdoor sitting area.
Some palm trees have resell value. There are palms that we remove at no cost and there are palms we remove and actually pay the homeowner for their palm. The value is based on supply and demand and quality of the palm.
A large palm removal will require up to 2 yards of dirt to fill the hole. A Quality Plant will commonly provide a replacement palm or tree and install the new plant at the time of the palm tree removal.
A Quality Plant

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