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Planting depth for Palm Trees

How deep should you plant your new palm tree? We are frequently asked this question and there is a simple answer. Palms should never be planted deeper than the surface of the dirt in the container they come from. Over planting a palm tree (planting the palm too deep) will suffocate the roots that are responsible for gathering nutrients from the soil. It is our practice at AQualityPlant.com to plant palm trees 1-3″ higher than grade.
Palms like the Bismarck Palm can lose their hold on the soil and become loose and floppy. The Bismarck Palm may require staking.
Palms that have a great percentage of their weight in the fronds and that have long fronds will often require staking no matter how large the rootball is. A good example of this is the Queen Palm. The trunk of the Queen Palm is even throughout the height of the trunk and heavy.  a Queen Palm is sensitive to over-planting and should never be planted deeper than the level of the soil of the existing root ball.Rob Pittman


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