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A Quality Plant grows and sells Florida Palms at Wholesale Prices. A Quality Plant grows many of the Landscape Palms used in Central Florida Landscapes. Some of these wholesale palms are suited for all of central Florida and other palms are a little more sensitive to cold and need to be planted near the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic Ocean. Below are some of the most popular Landscape Palms for Central Florida:

Adonidia merrillii
Christmas Palm / Adonidia merrillii

Frost or temperatures below 32 will damage or kill this beautiful palm


Silver Bismarck Palm
Bismarck Palm / Bismarckia nobilis

Temperatures below 28 or a hard frost can damage this magnificent palm

The more silver the Bismarck the more cold hardy. Mine have taken 25 degrees with frost and had minimal damage.


pigmy date palm
Roebelenii Palm / Pygmy Date Palm / Phoenix roebelenii

Although this loved palm can take temperatures into the mid twenties, it does not like frost.


date palm, india date palm
Silver Date Palm / Sylvester Palm / Phoenix sylvestris

The Sylvester Palm can survive temperatures into the high teens and can take some frost.


self cleaning palms
Foxtail Palm / Wodyetia bifurcata

The Foxtail Palm is self cleaning and cold hardy to the upper twenties. The Foxtail Palm can take a light frost even with minor damage.

Queen Palm / Queen Anne Palm / Syagrus romanzoffiana

The Queen Palm has large spreading fronds that add shade and height to the Centrral Florida landscape.

The Queen Palm can take temperatures into the mid twenties and some frost.

There are many other palms used in the central Florida Landscape including the Canary Island Date Palm, the Washingtonia Palm, the European Fan Palm, the Medjool Palm, the Pindo Palm, the Spindle Palm, the Bottle Palm, the Reclinata Palm and many more. A Quality Plant sells all of these palms at Florida wholesale palm prices.

Make sure and check out the A Quality Plant website at:




A Quality Plant
1998 19th Avenue NE
Ruskin, Florida 33570



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